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Distribution Warehouse

The only warehousing solution you can rely on

An all-in-one warehousing solution powered by integrated techologies to accelarate your business efficiently.

Distribution Warehouse

The only warehousing solution you can rely on

An all-in-one warehousing solution powered by integrated techologies to accelarate your business efficiently.

Why Distribution Warehouse From Shipper?

Manage warehouse and stock more practical with us

Let Shipper handle all your warehouse operation, you can focus driving more growth to your business.

World-class warehouse network

With more than 300+ strategic warehouse across Indonesia, you can cut last-mile fee and reduce lost of quality risk during the delivery process.

Safe and transparant operation

Our warehouse management system will allow you to monitor overall logistic operational process in real-time.

All operation is on the right hand

Get maximum SLA up to 99.8% with warehouse management powered by well-experienced warehouse expert.

End-to-end warehouse operation

Transform your overall supply chain better with us from storage to product distribution.


Get various best warehouse option for your business needs without upront fee.

Get various best warehouse option for your business needs without upront fee.

Shared warehouse

Share space warehouse with different clients safely and save more money.

Dedicated warehouse

Our warehouse space is dedicated only for you . All operational managed by our expert team with customizable SOP for your business.

Takeover warehouse

Just sit and relax, our expert will take over and fully managed your warehouse.

Storage Room

Cold Room Storage (<0'C)

Storage with temperature settings below 0'C for goods that require freezing temperatures such as food raw materials.

Cool Room Storage (0' - 25' C)

Storage with chiller temperature settings (0' - 16'C) and cool room (16' - 25'C) for goods that require cold temperatures such as skincare and makeup.

Dry Room Storage

Temperature and humidity controlled storage for items that are sensitive to humidity such as fashion.

Standarized warehouse service

All of our warehouse is equipped with various safety certificates to ensure the quality of your goods is well-maintained.

Manage your inventory with a single-platform

Start managing and monitoring your stocks, SKU, dan goods movement in real-time via our smart dashboard.

API Integration

Shipper provides an automation for a faster warehouse operation process, you can integrate your business system with our API at your convenient.


Powerful technology to control warehouse management better

Our warehouse services is powered by reliable technology system to allow your business manage and control daily warehouse operations efficiently with an integrated platform.

Manage your warehouse practically with our reliable dashboard

Real-time inventory visibility

Effective labour management

Monitor warehouse performance in real-time


Proven to accelarate business growth

35+ Cities

Warehouse Networks Accross Nation

300+ Warehouses

Strategically spread across Indonesia

1200+ Fleets

To support every business needs


Operational cost reduced


Logistic SLA achieved


Stock accuracy achieved

End-to-end logistic service options for your business

First miles shipment

Shipping service from supplier or factory to distribution warehouse.


Manage your warehouse and fulfillment with full-visibility.

Last miles shipment

Shipping service from distribution warehouse to your store.

Case Study

Learn How Shipper Effectively Accelerates Businesses


Operational Cost Reduced


Reseller Growth

Produt used

Shared Warehouse


Order processed daily


Business Growth

Produt used

Dedicated Warehouse

See how Bata increased business growth by 60% with Shipper

2 Weeks

To Open 5 Warehouses


Streamline expansion time

Produt used

Distribution Warehouse

See how the first F&B unicorn in SEA open 5 new warehouses faster


Operational Cost Reduced


Reseller Growth

Produt used

Shared Warehouse

See How Raena succesfully expand their market with Shipper


Order processed daily


Business Growth

Produt used

Dedicated Warehouse

Bata Achieves 60% Business Growth by Maximizing Digital Transformation in Its Logistics Asset Management

2 Weeks

To Open 5 Warehouses


Efisiensikan waktu ekspansi

Produt used

Distribution Warehouse

The First F&B Unicorn Retail in Southeast Asia Successfully Opened 5 New Warehouses in 2 Weeks

Flexible Schemes Tailored to Your Business Needs

Diverse cost schemes for all business scales with the two best operators: Shipper and Crewdible

A large-scale herbal business from Bandung wants to expand its e-fulfillment network to Jakarta and Sumatra to meet growing demand and reduce SLA and shipping costs to these locations.

Partnering with Shipper was the right move for them because Shipper offers the same service costs not only for Jakarta and Sumatra but also for other expansion locations like Java and Bali. Shipper successfully expanded and opened e-fulfillment warehouses in both locations in less than two weeks.

With a relatively low number of SKU (less than 20 products), customers of this herbal business often place large orders, both through virtual bundles and large-scale orders, with a significant surge in instant orders in Jakarta.

Furthermore, Shipper also manages deliveries for sales outside of marketplaces such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Using a simple cost scheme where fees are only charged after the products are sold, Shipper's standard pricing approach aligns with this client's needs to support the growth and success of their business.

(Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) An international FMCG company is expanding its B2B and e-fulfillment distribution network in Indonesia and has decided to replace its current third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

Their main goal is to find a new provider capable of offering excellent B2B and e-fulfillment services while maintaining a very high level of service (SLA).

Initially, the client planned to start by opening a fulfillment center in Jakarta, and they wanted a solution that could meet the company's evolving needs and offer other locations.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Shipper's ability to meet very tight SLAs were the primary considerations for the client to partner with Shipper. This directly supports the rapid growth of their business without facing inventory issues as they did with their previous 3PL provider. Additionally, Shipper offers fleet services to facilitate the delivery of goods to wholesale networks in Java.

A major kitchenware and household equipment supplier from China chose Shipper's services for the launch and expansion of their business in Indonesia. Shipper's China team assisted this client in the collaboration process, and an Account Management team with Mandarin language proficiency supported them in Jakarta.

The client required 100% visual quality inspection for all products shipped in containers, with both physical and virtual hard bundling combinations. Hard bundling was a strategic step to maintain good SLAs during Mega Sale periods like 12.12.

Due to the diverse product variations, packaging became crucial because the order quantity was significant, requiring a well-executed process to minimize returns.

Together with this client, Shipper implemented a simple cost model that charges fees only after the products are sold. Since this was a new business expansion, Shipper offered free storage for 90 days once the minimum sales target was achieved.

This client is a large and well-known fashion brand based in Indonesia, offering fashion products such as clothing, jackets, pants, and more. With Shipper, Client D initiated their business penetration by launching their sales channel online.

The client has a wide range of SKUs due to various size and color options, making order fulfillment accuracy crucial to avoid returns. This was the reason for the client to partner with Shipper, as it directly impacts customer experience, which, in turn, affects retention and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

The client uses a simple cost scheme where they only incur fees for sold items. Shipper applies an uncomplicated pricing model to facilitate the smooth operation of this client's business. This collaboration enables the Fashion Brand to easily and efficiently adapt to the online market.

This client is a growing reseller business that sells a variety of products and categories. Initially, they managed their own warehouse to fulfill their online store orders, but they struggled to meet SLAs on marketplaces, resulting in fines and many dissatisfied customers.

Realizing that the main challenge was the low selling price of their products, they sought a solution that aligned with their business profile. Unfortunately, Shipper's efulfillment service was not economically viable for them.

Nevertheless, through Shipper, this client was able to connect with Crewdible, a partner service offered by Shipper. Although the SLAs did not reach the highest standards like Shipper, they were sufficient to significantly improve their operational performance compared to handling operations themselves.

Thus, this client used one of Crewdible's warehouses, which provided a cost-effective solution based on %GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) that suited a business with moderate sales volume but could tackle the challenges they faced.

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