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To Assist the Recovery of SMEs in Surabaya After the Pandemic, Shipper Increases the Export Potential of SMEs through Surabaya Business Forum with HIPMI

Surabaya, May 22, 2022 – Shipper, a super enabler technology company that provides integrated digital logistics and smart warehouse solutions, collaborated with the Indonesian Young Entrepreneur Associations (HIPMI) Surabaya to provide logistics and warehouse digitalization program, SMEs development training, and marketing capital assistance to expedite the recovery of SMEs in Surabaya through the Surabaya Business Forum (SBF) held at Balai Pemuda Surabaya on May 21 – 22, 2022.

Budi Handoko, Co-Founder and COO of Shipper, in an exclusive interview session at the HIPMI Talk section in SBF said, “Surabaya is famous as a Trading City with a diverse business and industrial scale. Adhering to Shipper’s spirit of advancing SMEs through the integration of logistics systems in Indonesia including in Surabaya, we also provide business development training and marketing capital assistance to facilitate the recovery of SMEs after the pandemic and expand the export market to accelerate local economic recovery.”

In line with the theme of SBF 2022, Empowered Locals: Empowering Local Ecosystem to Create Global Entrepreneur, Shipper has helped retail businesses by delivering goods for several e-commerce and agricultural industries in Surabaya through its warehouse in Margomulyo, Surabaya. The warehouse is one of the six (6) Shipper warehouses that implement halal standards to facilitate industry actors who have products to be stored and distributed in accordance with the halal standard. Shipper’s logistics and warehouse technology also facilitates end-to-end delivery processes, allowing local SMEs to expand their market globally.

Overall, East Java’s economy is largely supported by SMEs’ activities. This is evidenced by the fact that SMEs’ contribution toward East Java’s Regional Gross Domestic Product (PDRB) reached 57.25% until the first quarter of 2021.  Based on data from the Cooperatives and MSMEs Office of Surabaya, the number of MSMEs in Surabaya has already reached more than 40,000 in September 2021. According to data from Export Center Surabaya, the total export potential of SMEs products in East Java can reach US$46 million or Rp664.15 billion.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic dealt quite a heavy blow to the economic activities of SMEs in East Java. Digitalization will definitely increase SMEs’ sales and revitalize local economy. For that reason, the Surabaya City Government sets a target to digitalize 250,000 SMEs in Surabaya in 2022. In addition to mentoring on entering the digital ecosystem, many SMEs also need assistance concerning product quality development, capacity building of human resources, expanding market access, and capital. This is where Shipper guides SMEs not only with digitalization of logistics and warehouses to maintain product quality but also business training programs and marketing capital assistance. So far, 60% of Shipper’s service users hail from the B2B sector, while the remaining 40% comes from the B2C sector, which is dominated by actors from FMCG, F&B, automotive, and agricultural fields that use shared warehouses.

Shipper understands that SBF’s potential signifies the moment of the recovery of SMEs in Surabaya, which enables the establishment of a medium enterprise cluster that can provide added value, synergize, and become useful. Shipper wants to empower the export-oriented local ecosystem, such as by implementing technology that provides more extensive and equitable access to SMEs throughout Indonesia including Surabaya, so that they can recover and even become a global player. The cooperation at the SBF event is the second collaboration between Shipper and HIPMI Surabaya to support the development of SMEs in Surabaya. To maintain the continuity of the capacity building of SMEs, Shipper and HIPMI Surabaya will provide some materials through webinars and business mentoring together with HIPMI’s network throughout East Java.

The forum was attended by around 5,000 participants and consisted of a series of events such as HIPMI Talk, workshop, focus group discussion, business competition, art performance, and HIPMI Market. SBF is an annual event held by HIPMI Surabaya in collaboration with various stakeholders such as KADIN (Chamber of Commerce) Surabaya, Surabaya City Government, and business actors in various sectors including logistics, F&B, agriculture, health, automotive, construction, mining, and many others.



Since 2017, Shipper has assisted MSMEs by providing comprehensive solutions for them in the logistics and smart warehouse sectors. Shipper is a super enabler technology company that provides integrated digital logistics and smart warehouse solutions. Shipper provides integrated logistics solutions for a wide range of businesses with end-to-end services.  Shipper has operated under the principle of facilitating MSMEs in running their business, and it digitally manages fulfillment center networks, delivery partners, and retail points across Indonesia. To achieve our mission to support MSMEs, Shipper continues to support the government’s efforts in realizing a more efficient National Logistics Ecosystem.

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