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PAHALAwan Cuan, A Shipper’s Commitment as Teman Kamu Berjuang for MSMEs by Improving Competitiveness in an Increasingly Competitive Market

Jakarta, July 15, 2022 – To improve the competitiveness of MSMEs in an increasingly competitive market, Shipper, a super enabler technology company that provides integrated digital logistics and smart warehouse solutions, helps local MSMEs advance by providing rebranding assistance and billboards advertising as well as Shipfest live sales for free through PAHALAwan Cuan. PAHALAwan Cuan is a tangible manifestation of Shipper’s commitment as Teman Kamu Berjuang for MSMEs to boost qualification and competitiveness of local businesses.

Jessica Hendrawidjaja, Chief Marketing Officer of Shipper explained, “The existence of many similar products in the market improves competitiveness. This increasingly crowded and congested market condition increases consumer tendency to buy goods from well-known brands (top of minds). This becomes a challenge for local MSMEs in winning business opportunities. Shipper understands this saturated market map and realizes that local MSMEs need help to increase sales and expand their market share.

PAHALawan Cuan is a form of Shipper’s commitment as a “friend” of MSMEs to struggle in improving their product values to compete with other products both in the domestic and international market. With the improved competitiveness, more local brands will reach the next level.”

According to the report of the Rapid Assessment Survey on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Performance of Indonesian MSMEs in 2020 conducted by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the decline in sales of more than 75% majority (23.27%) was experienced by new MSMEs aged 0-5 years. One of the reasons for this decline in sales is that novice MSMEs still have difficulty managing their brands, making them less competitive compared with other brands in the market.

Seeing the challenges faced by these novice local MSMEs, Shipper through the PAHALawan Cuan initiative carried out rebranding assistance and billboard advertising. Rebranding is carried out on local brands that are still in the beginner stage to assist them establish product differentiation against competitor products that already exist in the market (top of minds). The rebranding process on the selected MSME includes determining brand identity and creating logos, taglines, appropriate new names, as well as visual assets to help increase the attractiveness/promotion of MSME products to customers. Through rebranding, Shipper accompanied them from the start to build a stronger brand positioning.

Realizing that brand awareness needs to be broadly built to win market competition, Shipper assists the marketing strategy by advertising these MSME products on Shipper’s billboards (out-of-home/OOH) in Jakarta, which are located among others in Senayan City and Plaza Indonesia. The products of the selected MSMEs are also promoted by well-known celebrities such as Keanu Angelo @keanuagl and Jovi Adiguna @joviadhiguna. Shipper also posts a video interview of the brand owner through Shipper’s Instagram account,

Profiles of the brands that won this program can be seen at:

  1. Durhaka @drhk1889
  1. Visual rebranding: link
  2. Video Rebranding & Billboard of Durhaka: link
  3. Rheamanda Mukena @rheamandamukena
  1. Visual Rebranding of Rheamanda: link
  2. Video Rebranding & Billboard of Rheamanda: link
  3. Jilbrave @jilbrave.official
  4. Video Rebranding & Billboard of Jilbrave: link

Dyah, the owner of the Rheamanda brand said, “I have no branding ideas. Thus, I was very happy when my MSME was chosen as one of the MSMEs for PAHALAwan Cuan because it provided assistance that I had been looking for all this time. Because of PAHALawan Cuan, I have come to know how to promote my products to be known better by the wider community, not only in Jakarta but also throughout Indonesia.”

Meanwhile, for local brands with a more mature business scale, Shipper held a Shipfest live sale to connect them with a wider range of potential buyers. The live sale trend is increasing and is favored by buyers in Indonesia, but there are still many MSMEs who find it difficult to implement this strategy. It is because the live sale requires a lot of resources, including special equipment, studios, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), and many more.

The MSMEs who were selected to join Shipfest live sale just had to be present at the event because all the equipment and celebgram had been provided. Shipfest, which was held for free and broadcasted on Shipper’s Instagram account and each MSME’s Instagram, managed to increase sales to more than 1,000 transactions within 3 hours. In addition to increasing sales, Shipper hopes to carry out independent live sales in the future, following the experience they obtain from this Shipfest event.

To attract more potential buyers, Shipper also provides capital with a total of Rp30 million to assist MSMEs in providing promotions/discounts during the live sales. Each MSME provides discount promos of up to 75% and distributes more than 400 giveaway products for free.

The selected MSMEs in Shipfest live sale event are as follows:

  1. Gayalo (Fashion & Aksesoris)
  2. Fairgoods (Fashion & Aksesoris)
  3. Patris (Footware)
  4. CC Hijab (Fashion & Aksesoris)
  5. Dorks (Footware)
  6. GoatsDept (Fashion & Aksesoris)
  7. SECA (Skin Care & Cosmetic)
  8. ESQA (Skin Care & Cosmetic)
  9. Debellin (Cookware)

One of the local cosmetic brands ESQA also expressed joy and gratitude when participating in Shipfest Live which was assisted by three celebrities (Fadil Jaidi, Keanu Angelo, and Dara Arafah). “Shipper has helped ESQA cosmetics in many ways. Shipper has large warehouses where we store all of our products. In addition, Shipper also helps deliver products to all of our customers,” said Gita Salsabila from ESQA.

Local brands, especially in the beauty and fashion industry, show a growing trend and still have great opportunities for local MSMEs. Shipper believes that local brands have high quality to be trusted by consumers and even have a great chance to compete with foreign brands if managed properly.


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