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To improve MSMEs’ Resilience in Response to the Threat of the 2023 Global Recession, Shipper Enhances MSMEs’ Capacity with Business Strategies and Opportunities through the “Legendary Brand Festival”

This festival serves as the catalyst between large established brands and 1500 MSMEs through mentorship sessions, interactive discussion, offline bazaar, and live selling festival


Jakarta, November 11, 2022 – In the pursuit of continuous support and assistance for MSMEs in dealing with the risk of global recession next year, Shipper, as a technology company providing smart and integrated digital logistics and warehouse solutions, will be holding the “Legendary Brand Festival” event next February 2023 with a theme of ‘The Strategy and Opportunity of Indonesian MSMEs in Facing the 2023 Global Recession’. This festival aims to serve as the catalyst between large established brands and MSMEs to enhance their capacity in facing the 2023 economic risks.

It was revealed by Budi Handoko, COO/Co-Founder of Shipper during Dialog Inspirasi Pahlawan Ekonomi (Economic Heroes Inspirative Dialogue), November 10, in Gedung Sarinah, Jakarta, which is part of the Road to Legendary Brand Festival event. “Though there will be numerous challenges to face next year, Shipper believes that MSMEs still have countless opportunities to grow. For that reason, Shipper along with Localfest and e.ko.lab of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs unite legendary, established brands and MSMEs to share business strategies and opportunities in the Legendary Brand Festival in February 2023,” said Budi Handoko, COO/Co-Founder of Shipper.

The 2023 Legendary Brand Festival will be held in a hybrid manner with a number of conferences, mentoring activities, exhibitions, live selling events, and award ceremonies. At least 10,000 MSMEs/brands will participate in this event, 70% of which being local business actors. In this festival, MSMEs will get access to market expansion, particularly in an offline manner in renowned shopping centers in Jakarta, access to national-scale branding, and collaboration with both legendary brands and fellow MSMEs.

The Legendary Brand Festival consists of an exhibition that promotes the products of the selected MSMEs, mentoring session with 1,500 selected MSMEs to give them chances to have a direct consultation with many legendary brand owners, a live selling session on Tiktok for the selected MSMEs along with 100 other MSMEs from all around Indonesia to increase sales, conference meeting where dozens of legendary brands will be sharing their success story, and Awarding Night as a token of appreciation of “Pahlawan Ekonomi Indonesia (Indonesian Economic Heroes)” for a number of legendary brands and MSMEs that have contributed in fostering national economy for decades.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, who was present at Dialog Inspirasi Pahlawan Ekonomi stated, “MSMEs are undoubtedly the heroes of the Indonesian economy with their contribution of 61.07% of 2021 GDP. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates Shipper’s initiative through the Legendary Brand Festival which assists MSMEs in facing the upcoming economic challenges in 2023. We want MSMEs to become more motivated, continue to grow, and reach the next level with the help of strategic, effective, and timely onboarding digitalization and empowerment programs. I also hope that there will be more MSMEs that provide creative economic products by utilizing local resources in order to create even wider business and job opportunities to ultimately improve the community’s living standard and welfare.”

The utilization of natural and high-quality local raw materials becomes one of the strategies of the legendary brand Wardah to obtain people’s trust in consuming local products. Ana Miftahuddin Amin, EVP & Chief of Administration of PT Paragon Technology and Innovation said that Wardah cooperates with local farmers to support the use of local raw materials, such as aloe vera, green tea, licorice, cucumber, seaweed, honey extracts, and other ingredients of global quality from Indonesia.

The spirit to go local also becomes Urban Sneaker Society (USS) Networks’ vision. Sayed Muhammad, Founder and CEO of USS Networks stated that USS Networks’ events always open many opportunities for new and potential local brands to get more recognition from a wider range of people. In addition to sneakers, USS Networks also exhibits other local streetwear fashion products. Since the first exhibition, the sneakers and streetwear made by local brands that are displayed have been growing in variation.

On the same occasion, Irfan Wahid as the Expert Staff of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia also explained, “We truly appreciate Shipper’s initiative in providing a platform of collaboration between large-scale business actors and MSMEs as an effort to strengthen MSMEs’ resilience for their business sustainability. As one of the national economic pillars with the biggest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contribution in Indonesia, we hope that MSME empowerment becomes a priority agenda that is consistently carried out. The Legendary Brand Festival is derived from Ekolab, a collaboration program organized by the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs that aims to be the hub in giving inspiration and motivation as well as uniting people who want to develop themselves or their businesses.”

It was also revealed in the dialogue that in addressing the recession challenges, MSMEs should continue optimizing online sales, creating product innovations, and carrying out marketing and sales strategy breakthroughs, including developing unique selling points of the products. They can also explore storytelling techniques by sharing the process and figures behind the production such as community empowerment that utilizes the sustainable concept to add value to their products.

Aside from that, the dialogue also discusses the development of technology and social media as well as strategy to cleverly and innovatively win market competition by taking advantage of the popular trend in the community. In response to this need, Shipper has prepared a series of programs in 2023 concentrating on the MSME capacity and quality improvement as well as expansion of market access through a variety of product festivals, live shopping, and rebranding events.

After the dialogue, the Road to Legendary Brand Festival event will be followed by National MSME Roadshow Webinar in 10 cities in January – February 2023. Registration and information regarding the Legendary Brand Festival program can be accessed at




Shipper is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Indonesia that provides integrated logistics solutions for a wide range of businesses with end-to-end services. Since its establishment in 2017, Shipper has operated under the principle of facilitating MSMEs in running their businesses and leaving the complexity of managing fulfillment and delivery systems to Shipper. Shipper digitally manages fulfillment centers, delivery partners, and retail points across Indonesia. Today, Shipper has managed over 300 warehouses with a total area of more than 500,000 m2 in 35 cities all over Indonesia. To achieve our mission to support MSMEs, Shipper continues to support the government’s efforts in realizing a more efficient National Logistic Ecosystem. For further information on Shipper’s services, please visit

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