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Maximizing the Potential and Market of Local MSMEs in West Sumatra, Shipper Strengthens Its Services and Supports the Collaboration of Gernas BBI West Sumatra 2022 and OJK

Bukittinggi, April 19, 2022 – To support Gerakan Nasional Bangga Buatan Indonesia 2022 (Gernas BBI 2022), Shipper is committed to strengthening its services in West Sumatra (Sumbar) to maximize the potential and market of local MSMEs. Shipper, as a super enabler technology company that provides integrated digital logistics and smart warehouse solutions, acts as a top brand that supports the collaboration of Gernas BBI Sumbar 2022 ‘Maju Berkah Basamo UMKM Sumbar’ held by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) on Bukittinggi on April 12.

Bukittinggi has always been a tourism icon of West Sumatra with its Jam Gadang (Big Clock) and halal food. In 2022, the government designated Bukittinggi’s traditional food, kapau rice, as the pilot project for the Halal, Safe, and Healthy Food Zone (Zona KHAS) as well as Halal Zone. It was directly inaugurated by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin at the grand opening of Gernas BBI Sumbar 2022.

As cited from several media sources, West Sumatra has enormous potential for MSMEs and the halal industry. In 2020 alone, the number of MSMEs in the province was 593,100 units, consisting of 531,350 micro enterprises (89.59%),  53,431 small enterprises (9.01%), 7,900 medium enterprises (1.33%), and 419 large enterprises (0.07%). 89 percent of the community’s economy in West Sumatra is driven by the MSME sector.

Given the importance of West Sumatra in the national economic growth, Shipper provides various support for local MSMEs in Gernas Sumbar 2022 to accelerate their growth. The support is given in the form of promotional and logistics program; logistics , warehouse, and entrepreneurship education, opportunities for exposure in the national media for five (5) selected MSME Champions, a special landing page, and a relay on YouTube.

“Shipper grows alongside MSMEs, so it is natural for us to support Gernas BBI 2022 in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. That way, the products of local MSMEs will not only be popular domestically but also internationally through digital transformation. As a technology-based logistics company, Shipper also helps accelerate the growth of MSMEs in West Sumatra through the digitalization of warehouses and logistics, promotions on digital media, as well as training and coaching to digitalize at least 100 MSMEs in Sumbar on the event”, said Jessica Hendrawidjaja, Shipper’s CMO.

More than 300 MSMEs in West Sumatra attended the MSMEs Expo (bazaar, live shopping, showcase, virtual expo) as part of the Gernas Sumbar 2022 campaign, which will be held for three months. The MSMEs will be curated to determine 5 MSME Champions, which are the best out of them all. In addition, there are a series of Islamic clothing fashion shows, business matching and capital access, mentoring, monitoring & harvesting, as well as Sumbar Go Export.

The event is part of the side event agenda of G20, carried out for the purpose of driving the community’s economy and accelerating national economic recovery. Since Gernas BBI was launched in May 2020 until September 2021, the number of MSMEs that digitalizes their business has reached 8,434,446 units. Now, there are a total of 16,434,446 units of MSMEs that have joined the digital ecosystem, marking a 105% increase from the start of the launch.

In order to support Indonesian products, Shipper spares no effort to facilitate MSMEs through smart warehouse systems, enabling them to store their goods and streamline their delivery process as their goods are being shipped from Shipper’s smart warehouses.

Shipper realizes that logistics is an important factor to accelerate the growth of MSMEs. Since its establishment in 2017, Shipper has always committed to innovating in facilitating MSMEs in carrying out the delivery of goods and warehouse management. More efficient delivery of goods and warehouse management allow MSMEs to concentrate on developing their business to reach the next level.

Gernas BBI Sumbar 2022 in Bukittinggi is part of Shipper’s commitment to supporting the Gernas BBI 2022 national campaign. Shipper wishes to facilitate the development of a digital-based MSMEs ecosystem, expand MSMEs’ end-to-end access, as well as provide mentoring and coaching to MSMEs.



Since 2017, Shipper has assisted MSMEs by providing comprehensive solutions for them in the logistics and smart warehouse sectors. Shipper is a super enabler technology company that provides integrated digital logistics and smart warehouse solutions. Shipper provides integrated logistics solutions for a wide range of businesses with end-to-end services.  Shipper has operated under the principle of facilitating MSMEs in running their business, and it digitally manages fulfillment center networks, delivery partners, and retail points across Indonesia. To achieve our mission to support MSMEs, Shipper continues to support the government’s efforts in realizing a more efficient National Logistics Ecosystem.

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