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Collaborating with BenihBaik, Shipper Optimizes 85% of Potential of Ultra-Micro Businesses Actors through Coaching Clinic on Business Financial Management and Capital Assistance

Jakarta, September 8, 2022 – As a form of concern for the business continuity of ultra-micro businesses, Shipper, a super enabler technology company that provides integrated digital logistics and smart warehouse solutions, continues to collaborate with BenihBaik by providing coaching clinics on financial management and preparing business plans as well as capital assistance. The coaching clinic, which was conducted intensively for three months since June 2022, was attended by 75 ultra-micro business actors. It has succeeded in optimizing the potential of ultra-micro business actors to reach 85% in making healthier financial planning and reports and assisting the purchase of operational raw materials to advance their business in the future.

According to Shipper’s records, the said 75 ultra-micro business actors experienced difficulties in making financial reports and expanding the market. This is because ultra-micro businesses are generally privately-owned businesses with limited capital and workers. As business actors on the smallest scale, they really need accompaniment and assistance. DPR (The House of Representatives) also informed that there are 45 million ultra-micro businesses that require capital assistance.

COO Shipper Budi Handoko said, “We are always committed to being Teman Kamu Berjuang for business actors at various levels including ultra-micro scale. As the backbone of the nation’s economy, I witness many businesses that used to be on an ultra-micro scale are now growing tremendously and even exporting. Shipper believes these business actors can grow bigger if they have big a dream. All participants who took part in this program were selected ultra-micro business actors from a total of 450 participants. Hopefully, the participants will get the maximum benefit from this program and Shipper can continue to work together with BenihBaik to be “a bridge of kindness” in the next program.”

In this coaching clinic, Shipper, BenihBaik, and Gambaran Brand conducted intensive 1 on 1 online sessions for three months with a duration of one hour in each session. Each ultra-micro business actor is obliged to get one session per month. The session in the first month provided materials of evaluation of business financial statements to ultra-micro business actors. In the second-month session, the material was added with a discussion of budget planning. The participants were also asked to evaluate their financial reports and budget planning for the next one year to help them have a better vision in advancing their business. At the end of the session in the third month, each business actor presented business budget planning to the mentor who evaluated the feasibility of the plan.

To bridge ultra-micro businesses to capital assistance, Shipper selected the 25 best and most active participants from a total of 75 participants to be given a total capital of Rp. 125,000,000. These 25 participants participated in all coaching clinic sessions and carried out tasks related to business financial management with satisfactory results. In addition, these selected participants have a unique business and have a strong motivation to advance their business. Participants generally use the capital assistance to purchase production equipment, raw materials, and other operational needs.

Andy F. Noya, Founder of BenihBaik crowdfunding in the delivery of capital assistance to 25 ultra-micro business actors said, “I am very enthusiastic to see the many potentials of these ultra-micro business participants. They actually already have a lot of creative ideas but don’t know how to develop them. I hope they can make good use of this training program and capital assistance to grow. And I hope that there is no longer an assumption that they will not be successful if they do not have large capital. I also really appreciate Shipper’s efforts and hope that this collaboration will continue because there are still many ultra-micro businesses that need assistance.”

One of the participants that produces mukena, Haslinda from Idea Mulya explained, “Ultra-micro business actors like us really need assistance and capital. Thus, the assistance that Shipper, BenihBaik, and Gambaran Brand provide is very useful. I will use this capital assistance as best as I can to increase the stock of fabric materials and make product innovations. Hopefully, all participants will keep struggling in any conditions and imitate successful business actors as motivation.”

After becoming a Shipper’s-assisted MSME, the participants will be joining Shipper Seller Series level up program. They will also get free business consultations and various promotional events, one of which is the Legendary Brand Festival. The Shipper Seller Series regularly provides training with well-known experts in various business fields who use social media to collaborate with media partners and community partners as well as providing giveaways. Shipper also gives these ultra-micro business actors free business consultations in the social media community until October 2022. They will be assisted by trainers who have successfully run businesses.

The participants will also be involved in the Legendary Brands Festival: Pahlawan Ekonomi Nasional, which will be held to coincide with National Heroes Day on November 10, 2022 by presenting thousands of local MSME brands from micro to macro scale.


About Shipper

Shipper is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Indonesia that provides integrated logistics solutions for a wide range of business with end-to-end services. Since its establishment in 2017, Shipper has operated under the principle of facilitating MSMEs in running their business and leaving the complexity of managing the fulfillment and delivery systems to Shipper. Shipper digitally manages fulfillment centers, delivery partners, and retail points across Indonesia. Today, Shipper has managed over 300 warehouses in 35 cities across Indonesia. To achieve our mission to support MSMEs, Shipper continues to support the government’s efforts in realizing a more efficient National Logistics Ecosystem.

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