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Shipper Collaborates with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs to Improve the Competitiveness of 15,000 MSMEs before Ramadan through MSMEs Festival

Jakarta, April 6, 2022 – Since 2017, Shipper has assisted MSMEs by providing comprehensive solutions for them in the logistics and smart warehouse sectors. Continuing the company’s commitment to empowering MSMEs, Shipper collaborates with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (Kemenkop UKM) and the National Committee for Islamic Economy and Finance (KNEKS) to boost the competitiveness of more than 15,000 MSMEs before Ramadan through the MSMEs Festival held on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

“Aside from being part of the efforts to drive National Economic Recovery, the specific goal of Shipper’s MSMEs Festival is to assist MSMEs in anticipating the trend of trade in Ramadan,” said Jessica Hendrawijaja, Chief Marketing Officer of Shipper Indonesia. The data collected by Shipper showed that 50% of MSMEs experience a decline in sales before Eid al-Fitr and after Ramadan as the consumption pattern of the community starts to return to normal. “Through this webinar, Shipper provides essential knowledge for MSMEs in establishing and managing brands, marketing techniques through social media, tips and tricks for efficient digital marketing, logistics and supply chain management, and business expansion by maximizing international market (export and import),” said Jessica.

Besides providing materials via webinar, Shipper will also provide sustainable guidance to MSMEs after the Festival. Together with experts, Shipper will provide sustainable assistance and mentoring so that MSMEs can continuously participate in the incubation of Halal business with the government and the private sector, allowing them to collaborate and receive support in the form of facilities and infrastructure, management, and technology. Moreover, through the MSMEs Festival, Shipper is also committed to helping MSMEs by granting promotional capital in social media amounting to Rp30 million and promotion in other media owned by Shipper.

The government also provided exceptional support for the event. Airlangga Hartarto, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, said, “Congratulations to Shipper Indonesia for the implementation of this MSMEs Festival. The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has always supported activities carried out by digital startups, especially those managed by Indonesian youths who are devoted to the country through their achievement in the startup sector.”

Teten Masduki, Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the MSMEs Festival as Shipper’s commitment to supporting the development of MSMEs. Teten added, “I hope that Shipper can consistently provide solutions for MSMEs in Indonesia, specifically logistical convenience through innovation and technology adaptation across the country.”

Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy also said that he hoped the MSMEs Festival can promote creative economy actors so they can develop and compete nationally and globally. According to Sandi, amid the rapid growth of technology, digital logistics, and smart warehouse are crucial in helping creative economy actors overcome global challenges.

Collaboration of Shipper’s Halal Logistics with KNEKS Accelerates the Growth of MSMEs in the Indonesian Halal Industry

Besides educating MSMEs in improving their capability, the MSMEs Festival also aims to accelerate the growth of the halal industry in Indonesia. Shipper sees a big opportunity for MSMEs in the halal industry.  Halal value chain contributed 24.86% to Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020.

In his opening statement for the MSMEs Festival, Putu Rahwidhiasa, Director of Islamic Business and Entrepreneurship of KNEKS stated his support. “I believe that this MSMEs Festival, which is supported by KNEKS, could help MSMEs in the Indonesian halal industry develop and compete nationally and globally in the future.”

Shipper and KNEKS initiated the Islamic Business Incubation Program supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs as well as the Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH). Later on, this incubation will be filled by all relevant stakeholders to promote the inclusion of Islamic economy for the purpose of making Indonesia a global manufacturer of halal products. In the same occasion, BPJPH greatly appreciated Shipper’s effort to carry out dissemination and education to increase the capacity of halal product assurance.

MSMEs also received special materials on the urgency of halal certification, the mechanism for obtaining halal certificate, and the role of MSMEs in accelerating the growth of Islamic economy. MSMEs are expected to be able to discover the benefits of the halal product certification to increase their sales after attending the MSMEs Festival. In order to make it easier for MSMEs to market their products, Shipper has also provided warehouse facilities that adhere to the halal standard. To date, Shipper has operated five (5) warehouses that have met halal criteria in Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.



Since 2017, Shipper has assisted MSMEs by providing comprehensive solutions for them in the logistics and smart warehouse sectors. Shipper is a super enabler technology company that provides integrated digital logistics and smart warehouse solutions. Shipper provides integrated logistics solutions for a wide range of businesses with end-to-end services.  Shipper has operated under the principle of facilitating MSMEs in running their business, and it digitally manages fulfillment center networks, delivery partners, and retail points across Indonesia. To achieve our mission to support MSMEs, Shipper continues to support the government’s efforts in realizing a more efficient National Logistics Ecosystem.

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