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In Its Five Years of Operation, Shipper Consistently Implements its Digital Logistics and Warehousing Innovation Strategy in Empowering Indonesian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

Jakarta, October 24, 2022 – Entering its fifth year of operation, Shipper as a supply chain enabler-based tech company has strengthened its commitment to creating innovation in the digital logistics and warehousing sector to facilitate business actors in developing their business. To date, Shipper has assisted more than 35,000 online sellers and hundreds of large-scale companies from various industries.

Jessica Hendrawidjaja, Shipper’s CMO, stated, “Since its establishment, Shipper has been consistently filled with the spirit of being ‘Teman Kamu Berjuang’ (Your Comrade-in-Arms) to all Indonesian business actors. Thus, our commitment does not only revolve around business but also our desire to help them reach the next level. We keep on creating innovations through Shipper’s services to simplify the complex and fragmented national logistic and warehousing system which further leads to our goal of advancing many business actors through multiple empowerment programs.”

Shipper’s technological innovation related to third-party logistic (3PL) aggregator has helped MSMEs to save up to 20% of the delivery cost by optimizing order management and delivery route as well as packaging together orders that will be sent to the same destination. Hence, the inter-island logistic cost can remain under control. This sense of efficiency is highly necessary to help achieve the government’s target of lowering logistic costs on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by up to 17% in 2024.

To achieve cost efficiency, Shipper also brings MSMEs’ goods closer to the markets by managing over 300 smart warehouses in 35 cities across Indonesia, with a total area of more than 500,000 m2. Among others, six warehouses with a total area of 10,000 min Medan, Palembang, Tangerang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makassar are able to facilitate actors in the industry who own products that must be stored and distributed according to the halal standard.

As the manifestation of its further commitment, Shipper presents the latest digital innovation in the form of Atoor, an Omnichannel Management System (OCMS) application that facilitates business actors in managing their sales activity in the marketplace in a more integrated way. With Atoor, industry actors can customize their product information by changing product descriptions in the marketplace, revising product prices, uploading product images, arranging orders, and managing stock inventory in one platform. Since its release in January 2022, Atoor has connected more than 1,500 online stores and helped hundreds of sellers save more time and resources, allowing them to concentrate on sales and business development.

In terms of MSMEs empowerment, apart from the various programs mentioned above, Shipper also assisted MSMEs to market their products through the ShipFest program. ShipFest serves as a solution for MSMEs to maximize the latest sales trend through live selling. Nowadays, the concept of live selling is undeniably popular as it offers large-scale to small-scale business actors abundant opportunities to interact directly with customers, and at the same time, customers also get the chance to see the products first-hand. Through this approach, new MSME products are able to compete with the existing products in both the domestic and international markets. Not only that, Shipper also optimizes MSMEs’ brand awareness and brand positioning by conducting digital ads promotion with notable Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in Indonesia.

Shipper Maximizes the Export of MSME Products with HIPMI Jaya

Since its establishment in 2017, Shipper has encouraged local MSMEs to rapidly advance to the next level so they can market their products nationally and internationally. This effort is conducted by providing comprehensive empowerment through training (business management, financial literacy, export competitiveness, digitalization, and other entrepreneurship-related topics), mentoring, and promotion in both major cities and the countryside areas with a vast network of partners, including Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI).

Shipper and HIPMI Jaya expand their partnership this year by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Saturday, October 22, 2022 in the 37th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) event at ICE BSD. The agreement, which lasts for two years until March 2024, stipulates that Shipper will provide logistics and warehousing services, such as domestic and international shipping of goods, and integrated logistics system to the members of HIPMI Jaya who consist of more than 8,000 entrepreneurs.

In addition, Shipper and HIPMI Jaya also conduct joint activities to empower MSMEs both in online and offline formats, including through this TEI event. TEI is expected to serve as a catalyst to the business actors, particularly members of HIPMI Jaya, to synergize further with Shipper through warehousing and logistic services solutions.

Budi Handoko, Shipper’s COO who signed the MoU with HIPMI Jaya explained, “Shipper wishes that members of HIPMI Jaya are able to improve their businesses using our logistics and warehousing technology solution which facilitates the export process. Under a partnership network between Shipper and international 3PLs, we concentrate on assisting the government to continue developing the export market for the business actors in Indonesia.

On the other hand, Sona Maesana, General Chairman of HIPMI Jaya who was also present during the signing stated, “We see Shipper as a technology-based logistics company with a remarkable track record in promoting logistics processes and activities in various large-scale and MSME-level businesses. This service is unquestionably useful for accelerating and enhancing export activities.”

By virtue of its’s effort and commitment to presenting innovation to integrate the fragmented Indonesian logistics infrastructure, Shipper earned acclaim in the list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2022 from Fast Company and ranked first in The Most Innovative Asia-Pacific Companies category. Shipper has also received other awards such as “The Most Innovative Digital Logistic Company” from Bisnis Indonesia Awards 2021, “Digital Logistics Startup of the Year” from Marketeers Choice Awards 2021, Top Startups in Indonesia 2021 from Linkedin, and “Best Everyday Essential App” from Google Play 2021.



Shipper is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Indonesia that provides integrated logistics solutions for a wide range of businesses with end-to-end services. Since its establishment in 2017, Shipper has operated under the principle of facilitating MSMEs in running their business and leaving the complexity of managing the fulfillment and delivery systems to Shipper. Shipper digitally manages fulfillment centers, delivery partners, and retail points across Indonesia. Today, Shipper has managed over 300 warehouses with a total size of more than 500,000 m2 in 35 cities across Indonesia. To achieve our mission to support MSMEs, Shipper consistently supports the government’s efforts in creating a more efficient National Logistics Ecosystem. For further information regarding Shipper’s services, please visit

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