Double Day Sales 2024: A Complete Rundown and Comparison to 2023

Double Day Sales | A Complete Rundown of 2024

If you actively shop via marketplace or e-commerce, you will definitely be familiar with campaigns 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, and so on until 12.12. The twin date campaign, aka double day sales, is an online sales event that is held every month on the same date in the sequence of the month. For example, the 1st for January, the 2nd for February, until the 12th for December.

It’s safe to say that double-day sales are basically just a marketing strategy, first invented by Alibaba to increase sales in its marketplace. As a result, this campaign was so successful that it was widely adopted by other marketplaces in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

Double-Day Sales Statistics Summary in 13 Years

Quoting Queue-it‘s statement, double-day sales campaigns increased 10,000 times in 13 years. This figure is more or less a contribution from the many brands that follow the Alibaba concept. Until finally, it was recorded that Alibaba’s sales through this campaign reached $84.54 billion USD in 2021, which means an increase of 1,083,745% (more than one million percent) from its first campaign in 2009 which earned $7.8 million USD.

In Indonesia itself, a similar phenomenon has occurred over the last 11 years. In July 2023, Snapcart conducted a survey of 3,452 samples of respondents with the results that 88% stated that they had taken advantage of twin date promotions on their respective flagship marketplace platforms. Only 12% have never done it before, with 57% of them admitting they would be interested in trying it in the future.

The figures above do not show any slight changes in numbers or signs of a decline in performance. With this, you can be confident that the popularity and power of double-day sales will continue to prevail for the next few years. So, there’s no harm in starting or continuing this campaign for your brand. We have the rundown for 2024.

Double Day Rundown of 2024

Please understand that the rundown we present below is the best campaign plan that we have prepared in such a way. However, this is never the main benchmark of the campaign you should carry out. You can run campaigns on twin dates every month with your own unique theme.

In any case, the references below will be of great help to you. Check them out!

1.1 – New Year Sale

There’s nothing better than a new year to kick off your monthly special campaigns. Of course, you have to open it with great fanfare, but not too much. Highlight new year themes, such as offering a new home feel for your furniture products, inviting customers to be born again with beauty products and supplements, you can conceptualize it yourself, whatever it is.

Better yet, you can even combine this campaign with Christmas and New Year campaigns. Start early, for example from December 20th to end on the main date, namely January 1st. No need to worry about promotional periods that are too long during high seasons like this.

2.2 – Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Make It Colorful!

It would be great if most of your audience are those who celebrate Chinese New Year. Demand for various needs, from food, clothing, to religious trinkets, will increase greatly during this moment. Coincidentally, for 2024 it will fall not far from our second twin date, February 2.

However, if not, you still have Valentine’s Day to be the big theme of your campaign. It’s not just chocolate and flowers, you can highlight all things that can be associated with affection, pink, and intimacy at double-day sales 2.2 in 2024.

3.3 – Approaching Ramadan

There is one phenomenon that consistently occurs during Ramadan. The demand for certain types of food has skyrocketed! Don’t waste this opportunity to sell as much as possible in the double-day sales period in March 2024. In fact, you don’t need to use a Ramadan theme explicitly if it’s not necessary. The need for certain items is no longer in doubt.

4.4 – The splendor of Eid al-Fitr

After Ramadan, comes Eid al-Fitr which fulfills a surge in demand for beautiful clothes, pastries, and certain food items. With a carefully prepared strategy, you’ll definitely eat these two consecutive double-day moments.

5.5 – All Round 5

Amazingly, the number five has a lot of fans, especially when it comes to things they don’t want to bother with too much. Many people round things to 5. It could be a good psychology trick for your business to make everything a 5.

What’s that event mean? Well, all products for Rp. 5,000, Rp. 50,000, etc., 50% disco, 5 in 1 package bundle, or whatever your creativity can find.

6.6 – You Can Make It Ordinary

When running a double day sales campaign, you don’t need to maintain the excitement throughout the year. Occasionally, it’s okay to make it look normal, in the sixth month for example. Without a specific theme, launch promotions that remain relevant to customer demand.

7.7 – Bring The Lucky Energy

Lucky number! Not a few people are obsessed with this number. Similar to the 5.5 campaign, you can fill your promotional content with the number 7. 77.77% discount, create a 7.7 sales jingle, collaborate with a brand ambassador that is closely related to the number 7, such as a music group or whatever.

8.8 – Independence Theme

The independence theme is very suitable for you to apply during the 8.8 promotional period. To make it closer, you can do it for 10 days, from August 8 to 17. Emphasize the theme of independence that inspires the nationalist spirit of Ana’s customers. Starting from the simplest, such as creating a special ‘independence’ menu.

9.9 – Make It as the Biggest Shopping Day

In contrast to the 6.6 campaign, you need to create a very lively month, much more so than the others. Play on customer psychology by making this double day look special, very different, and highly anticipated. Add the urgency that they need to wait another year to meet the next 9.9.

10.10 – Best Moment for Festival

If previously we only focused on products, what if in October you held a brand festival? Create a lineup of cool brands that customers love. You can take one theme or mix them all up. The results will be influenced by how you brand this campaign.

11.11 – Back to The Origin

According to history, double-day sales were preceded by a single day in Nanjing, China which occurred on November 11. So, you might want to appreciate this historical moment by returning to the basics that started this series of campaign cycles.

12.12 – Christmas Time!

Finally, you can end this cycle in December, aka the month of Christmas and the end of the year. No need for many unnecessary considerations, these two themes are more than enough to support the success of your campaign.


You can see for yourself, twin dates that seem simple can have such a big impact on your business. It is not a wise decision if you do not make perfect use of it.

But, what’s more important than that, is don’t let the sales boom overwhelm you in the logistics and delivery process. Make sure you get the right partner in this case.